Cemetary Road
Cemetery Road

Mark Hemleben - Plein Air Painter

impressions of jerome



Please note that this is a representation of my work,
these paintings are not available for sale.

To see current paintings, please visit my blog at markhemleben.blogspot.com

Jerome Highlights   Afternoon in Jerome   Fall in the Foothills
Color on the Hill                   11x14"   Afternoon in Jerome   Fall in the Foothills                 24 x 30"
Jerome Highlights   Prospector's Shack   A slice of Jerome
Jerome Highlights                   9x12"   Prospector's Shack               10x20"   A  Slice of Jerome                    11x14"
Sunny side of Jerome   Snow on Center St   Jerome Rooftops
Sunny Side of Jerome            24x36"   Snow on Center St                    9x12"   Jerome Rooftops                       12x16"
Afternoon in Jerome   Jerome Fringes   Snow Day
Afternoon in Jerome                 9x12"   Jerome Fringes                          9x12"   Snow Day                                9x12"
Old Mountain Trails   Winter in Jerome   Winter Sanctuary
Old Mountain Trails               11x14"   Winter in Jerome                        8x10"   Winter Sanctuary                       8x10"
Uptown in a Small Town   Jerome View   Cemetary Road
Uptown in a Small Town       12x24"   Jerome View                            6 x 12"
  Cemetery Road                         8x16"
Jerome Rooftops   Afternoon in Jerome   The Little Town on Mingus
Jerome Roofs                        12x9"   Afternoon in Jerome              11x14"   The Little Town on Mingus       12x9"
Miner's Shack   Uptown Jerome   Powderbox Church Nocturne
Miner's Shack                            9 x 12 "   Uptown Jerome                         12x16"   Powderbox Church Nocturne
Haven Methodist Church   The Heart of Jerome   A Corner of Jerome
Haven Methodist Church         9 x 12"   The Heart of Jerome                 12x16"
  A Corner of Jerome                  8 x 10"
View from the High School   Snow in a Mountain Town   Powder Box 07
View from the High School       8 x 10"
  Snow in a Mountain Town       18x24"
  Powder Box 07                        11x14"
The Town of Jerome   Winter Colors   300 ft Level
The Town of Jerome
  Winter Colors                         9x12 "
  300 foot Level                          8 x 10"