Fall in the Valley
Fall in the Valley  10x20"

Mark Hemleben - Plein Air Painter




Please note that this is a representation of my work,
these paintings are not available for sale.

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Wash   Land of the Navajo   Old Mining Camp
Wash                                          9 x 12 "   Land of the Navajo                14x11"   Old Mining Camp     12 x 9"
Low Tide   Verde Canyon Pass   Miner's Shack
Low Tide                                   8 x 10"
  Verde Canyon Pass                     8x10"   Miner's Shack                            9 x 12 "
Winters Trail   Afternoon in Jerome   Sycamore
Winters Trail                         11x14"   Afternoon in Jerome   Sycamore                     6 x 8"
The Red Barn        
The Red Barn                            10x20"